A Summer of Sights, Scenes and Selfies


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A glimpse of one of my most memorable summers ever. Beauty, love and art. Top that off with experiencing some of the most beautiful places i’ve ever come across and you have a completely epic summer vacation. Advertisements


Face to Ground

Yesterday I finally found myself with a camera. I also found myself with face flat on the cold grass. The sun was starting to set, and it felt a little appropriate to just lay on the level of the grass. The days, weeks, and months have been rollings by. Exciting opportunities, challenges, and everything else in between has been coming so fast since August. That small moment to humble myself with the grass showed me that it at least makes a much better view when looking up to the sun.

Day 140: Half-Hearted

Art is when an ugly, deflated balloon can express more than I ever could in words.



Day 134: Light it Up

Making magic without a wand. Or in this case the wand is my incense stick, and the magic is creating this beautiful image with absolutely $0 budget. See? The magic that lets me make art without emptying my wallets. I like it.



Through the Looking Glass

Happy New Year everyone! I would like to begin and sustain a new and ambitious body of work this year. It’s amazing to think that this blog, the 365day project, was started in 2011 (and still in process of completion). Here’s to a year full of inspiration and constructive challenges.


Europe: A photo essay pt. 2

Part 2. Berlin, Woodstock festival in Poland, Budapest, Krishna Valley Farm in Hungary. More to come!


Off the Deep End: Cube 3 of 10

I’m doing my best in trying to convey human emotions from inanimate objects…but perhaps still life can only go so far (especially when you want to create drama for a wooden cube)

Off the deep end

Will he jump? Or can we persuade Mr. Qube otherwise….


Round Edges: Cube 2 of 10

Here’s day 2 of my new project. You’ll be seeing this cube guy for a few more days, so better get acquainted soon enough. I already see a personality developing -better come up with a name for this guy soon enough. Ideas? Mr. Qube perhaps?


It’s not too hard to find the edge of a circle, really.


Wooden Light: Cube 1 of 10

Dear visitors, I finally bring you something new: cubes. Betcha’ never saw that one coming, eh? And DAILY cubes. Now that’s just crazy! Fear not, it is the truth, and understand you will be receiving daily updates from my blog every day for 10 days!

I’m currently taking a sculpture class and it’s the first time I’ve worked with wood. But of course, I’m going to be more interested in using my wooden sculptures for photography. So yes…making a boring geometric shape into something spilling over with sappy artistry will be my new focus.

Enjoy! And I do hope I am able to change the way you perceive wooden cubes. And geometry. And math. And the world in general. That’s my life mission goal. (:

When nature conquers geometry.

The only time geometry can triumph nature is in art. Math loses, sorry. ;)