Day 141: Picking up the Pieces

A continuation of more brooding black and white photos for this week. I didn’t plan this, but clearly this is only an accurate representation of my own moods. Life throws itself at you, but never in a whole piece. It’s all about how you put those pieces together and see the whole picture.



Day 139: Library of Quirks

I spent yesterday visiting different book stores in Brooklyn. I’ll admit that i’m not the biggest reading enthusiast. I prefer picture books. I pay attention to the way letters look, rather than read them. But still, books hold a wonderful charm to them, just as do book stores. Safe, cozy, and organized.

Then I got the chance to peek into the city’s Community BookStore. Different, chaotic, quirky. I may not read many books, but they sure are beautiful to take photos of.

Day 139

Almost Neglected

Almost is actually an understatement. I barely consider myself a photographer, and I’ve practically resigned myself to leaving my original 365 project half done. And then I remember: It wasn’t ever about being a good photographer. Or a photographer at all. Or having a good camera. Or any camera at all.

It’s about practicing creativity. Consistently, everyday. And publishing it for nobody (or somebody) to read. That’s what is so amazing yet difficult about the creative process. It’s not about the end result. It’s not about what “art” I end up with. It’s about courageously failing.

I got the inspiration to finally post on here after I went on a Photobooth photo shoot with myself. The difference with posting here and say, posting it on my instagram? I have to say that when I post any photo on this blog, i’m making a little statement to myself. Take photos with a little bit of thought behind it. Or none at all. But do something. Then keep doing it. (without hashtags)


Bringing back the Love (and fire)


First post of the new year! And of course, knowing me and my previous photo history, that means especially no photographic year long commitments from me…or does it? Well it’s been a rocky beginning of the year, so many wonderful things but also so many changes and challenges. While I try to ground myself, I want to also focus on just maintaining many things in my life, including the growth of this blog.

So! The word for this year is FOCUS. Stay balanced, and keep my eyes on the goal (which there are many this year for me, but i’ll reveal those slowly throughout this lovely year of 2013).

It’s been a few months since I posted, so I hope you enjoy these series of fire-photos. I used black and white to abstract it further and played with slow shutter speed to create moving patterns and light paintings.

Much love and thank you’s to all of you! :)

Day 107: Between Land and Air

To make up for the rather lackluster shots that I’ve been posting up, I give you a kickass photo.

Well actually some people would find a more fitting adjective for this photo, maybe ‘tranquil’ or ‘beautiful’ or even ‘mystical’. But if you’ve ever shot incense smoke before you probably know how hard it is to capture it just right -so my first adjective is the most accurate.

Playing with fire and smoke has never been more inspiring

Day 42: See How I See

I usually hate self portraits.

I take so many photos of other people that sometimes I forget that it can be scary on the other side of the camera. It’s almost unnerving to think how the camera can capture more than your outside appearance.

A true portrait captures what's inside. You can see the vulnerability or power inside of your subject.

Day 25: Palace of Gold

I’ve still got more photos from New Vrindavan, but here’s my favorite. Taken at Prabhupad’s Palace of Gold, West Virginia.

The inside of this palace is so beautiful, that I would normally keep it in color, but this time I just had to go with the dark sepia tones. The windows are all stained glass, the floor and walls are marble. Like the little symmetry I have going on here?

day 25

The marble wall on the right side made the perfect reflection