Dance & Dance

After months of not touching my camera, I finally found reason to last weekend. I’m integrating photography and videography into a branding project I’m doing for a class project.

I wanted to capture the mood of this dance style, Bharatanatyam, through the grace and beauty pictured by the environment that frames the dancer. It’s a bit of a different approach to photographing dancers “outside of their stage”. Stay tuned, there will me more videos and photos uploaded soon!

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Europe: A photo essay pt. 3

And welcome to the Swiss Alps. This album will be my last update for photos from this summer in Europe. After seeing these photos though, I don’t think anything I ever post again will compare to it in the slightest. Hehe, but we’ll see what happens. Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy these photographs!

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A New Sunset

So here is a small teaser of so many more amazing moments and captures. I’m currently touring around europe, going to see over 10 countries in total! Truthfully I thought about taking a minimal amount of photos and rather just focus on living in this experience and not worry about taking snapshots of every foreign or pretty thing. Of course that’s what frustrates so many people, I make a pretty bad personal photographer. But now I’ve taken it up to be the tour photographer and filmaker, so its no longer about what I want to photo and when I feel like photographing. Its a bit of a challenge but its a taste of what it means to use my talents in service. Here’s to many more photos that I hope will inspire and enliven other who see it.

For more info on this Europe bustour I would really encourage you to check out and like it on facebook Here

Taken as we were camping on the english coastside. One of tour participants, Mohini was dancing as the sun was setting.

Taken as we were camping on the English coast side. One of tour participants, Mohini was dancing as the sun was setting.

A Little Sunshine

I’m posting up some older photographs while i’m still on a hiatus from blogging. This was taken earlier in May, it was one of my most successful (and funnest) photo shoots I did with my friend. Looks like a studio? Don’t be tricked, nothing was planned at all. We made use of all the props from her house (window, curtains, cut trees, etc).

It was my first outside photoshoot ever, which is a challenge in a Florida summer if you aren’t dressed right (no jeans, no shoes). I was lying down on the grass most of the time too…(watch out for those fire ants!).

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I wasn’t really going for any particular theme with these photos, but I love how they turned out really sunny, youthful, and innocent. I was lucky to have a good model with me too!