The GLAMOUR India Series

Since I’m just posting older work right now, I’ll take advantage of this time to show you my first serious photography work. This was back in April, and it was my first series: GLAMOUR India.

I’d say this was the beginning of a more serious interest in portraiture and in photographic work in general. Since then, I’ve done one other series work (i’ll post up in a few days) but no other serious work besides my 365 project. Especially no serious portraiture, which is something I’d really enjoy getting back into again.

This was probably one of the funnest shoots I’ve done, too. The costumes, lights, colors, people – how could you not have fun with such a Glamorous¬†photo shoot like this one?

Also, this was done before I had my DSLR camera. It was all with my trusty ol ‘point and shoot’ powershot camera ;).

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Day 41: Zebra Feet

It’s summer. Just kick back. And even when you’re doing nothing but relaxing, try to keep your eyes peeled for interesting shapes, colors and patterns.

It’s all part of absorbing the lazy summer day.

Lately, I've had weird urges to use the radial blur filter on most of my photos (and it's mostly because it makes any photo interesting).