Feast Your Eyes

Deliciously, nutritiously photogenic foods. I went all out on food photography the other week in order to make a catalog for one of my final design projects. Needless to say I was excited about going back to photography. It’s been a while, and attempting to take on food photography wouldn’t be easy either.

So anyway, I’ll just rate my success on how hungry you feel after you see these photos. Enjoy!


Day 07: Candles and Sweets

No matter how old you turn, birthdays are always going to be¬†correlated¬†with sweets. What’s a celebration without a cake? I won’t go on for too long with this post; but it’s a cute photo I took of a little breakfast birthday celebration.

Celebrate cake. Yes.

I Eat My Art

I’ve been wanting to plug in my other blog in here for some time. In the summer I started a digital painting blog and it’s been pretty fun exploring painting and digital arts. It’s quite unknown, I made it mostly for myself and probably have less than 5 followers. If you would just like to check it out and maybe follow on tumblr I’d be so appreciative :) Your support always keeps me going.



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Day 60: Sweet Muffin

When you’re feeling zapped of your originality: take photos of flowers.
When you’re can’t find flowers: take photos of food.
When the above two seem to fail you: take photos of sweets.

The latter will never fail you.

The muffin is sitting on top of a bottle of whipped cream, in case you're wondering. And I think you should know that spray whipped cream is the answer to all problems.