Dance & Dance

After months of not touching my camera, I finally found reason to last weekend. I’m integrating photography and videography into a branding project I’m doing for a class project.

I wanted to capture the mood of this dance style, Bharatanatyam, through the grace and beauty pictured by the environment that frames the dancer. It’s a bit of a different approach to photographing dancers “outside of their stage”. Stay tuned, there will me more videos and photos uploaded soon!

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Star Charts & Spider Webs

I don’t usually post any of my digital work, but since I made this project from the photos I took in my 20-20-20 project (Day 09: Dreamer), I thought I should post on here. I’m really proud with how it turned out, but even more so with how I am able to use the photos taken in my own personal projects.

I won’t go into all the details, but I created this digital project because I wanted to compare star charts to a spiders web. Even though the universe and celestial sky is incomprehensibly vast, as human beings we use our natural curiosity to understand it to the best we can. Similarly I found a similar phenomena in the spider’s web; the spider also creates and maps out its own ‘universe’.

Ok, my little artist statement thus summarized, here are the two works:


Day 92: A Different Kind of Scrabble

How many brands can you identify? How many are you already familiar with? Do you even see the letters, or do you just see the brand logo? Is a rounded baby blue “t” is always twitter and a lightning bolt “p” always Harry Potter? Are we more familiar with these symbols than actual letters? How difficult will it be to actually use these letters in a game of scrabble -will the brands have an affect on your choice of words?

If you’re asking yourself these¬†questions, then my project is a success. The entertainment part of this game is second to the questions it brings up about branding and symbols.

Below is my midterm art project I did for my WARP class; a scrabble game I designed and created.

New Balance, Twitter, Coke, Harry Potter, Ebay, blank, H&M



other shots:

In progress work

full game on display during critique

Can you tell what logos these are? The "U" is a tricky one.