Day 131: Going for the Plunge

I’ve been thinking for a while to resume my 365. It’s been nearly 3 years since I started it, and I suppose it gets harder and harder to “resume” this project. Mostly because now I have an idea of what kind of commitment it takes and I feel i’ve resigned myself to not getting anywhere close to the goal.

Anyway, I’m hoping to post this quickly before I change my mind. Go for the plunge and i’ll figure out how to get myself out of it later.

So close that I can touch its shadow

So close that I can touch my own shadow

Seasonal Changes

The great thing about posting an anti-inspired post is that the next day I come back kickin’ with brand spankin new photos. Or at least this is what I tell myself. Credit to Brooke Shaden’s motivational words on turning any ordinary thing extraordinary. With that in mind I created this little series spontaneously and right ‘in the moment’.

I’m starting to feel the fire again of spontaneous and ritualistic routined, everyday shooting. I’m already thinking of restarting my 365 day project –that would be a huge milestone! It’s been almost a year since I put it on “indefinite hiatus”. I have about 235 more days to go. If I start tomorrow….(I can’t do this math) I have 7 and a half months…and its May now..sooo…Maybe I’ll be done in January 2014? Well. I could live with that.



In honor of the first day of Spring Break and also in hopes of having an efficient and rejuvenating week ahead, I have a new mini series. I want to start the week off well and I really want to have a successful photoshoot this week. So the photos I’ll be sharing with you today are just a little experiment and play with my ongoing interest of creating forms with lights and shadows.

Now, I wasn’t trying to go for the zebra look, but I can see how it went that direction a little bit. Anyhoo, Happy March, Happy Spring Break, Happy Friday, and I hope to have much more photographic week coming up! So keep your eyes peeled for some more, andbetter, photos this coming break.

ps: 365GB has 99 wordpress subscribers! 1 more till I hit 100! C’mon guys, lets see how many we can get, i’ll throw a great celebration-photographic-post in return!

Day 84: Zombie Hands

Zombie attacks are more frequent than you would think, and being prepared is our number 1 priority.

So when do you distinguish a zombie from a non-zombie? Well we all know this a difficult task, it’s not like zombies walk around with half their guts spilling out, moaning and groaning for people’s brains or anything like that. So we’ll have to settle for the more subtle characteristic of their green glow. And no, I’m not talking about E.T., though he’s probably a zombie too.

So be prepared and look out for that eerie green glow. Don’t even hesitate when you see that creepy light when a moment’s hesitation means certain dinner (you being the dinner).


Wax bubbles on the fingertips is just another important fact that your Zombies for Dummies handbook probably doesn't cover either.

Day 35: Paparazzi

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of hands in my photos. The downside to being related to a photographer is always getting a camera stuck in your face (by me). But hey, the photo came out surprisingly well, and even had a great focus. These candid shots can be so fun.

Maybe being a paparazzi isn’t so bad…

Either he's pretending to be Magneto, or he's attacking the Paps (me, in this case).