Day 141: Picking up the Pieces

A continuation of more brooding black and white photos for this week. I didn’t plan this, but clearly this is only an accurate representation of my own moods. Life throws itself at you, but never in a whole piece. It’s all about how you put those pieces together and see the whole picture.



Day 04: Complementary

Complexity and simplicity go well together. A blank blue background, a single stick, and a complex web of a thousand little threads. Complementary things are good nearly anytime…like in life. There’s small breaks of calm, stillness. Then spaces of complete chaos. You can’t live with one and not the other :)

Once you open your eyes, you can see little life lessons everywhere

Day 43: A Precious Gift

This is probably my favorite photo so far of my entire 365 day project.

I’ve never been a big fan of ‘message photography’. And if you’re not familiar with that term, don’t worry because I just made it up. But recently all over the Web there has been lots of photography of words in a book, a message on a sticky note, a love letter…whatever it was, I couldn’t see any connection with the words and the image, and I have to admit I thought it was pretty tacky.

Nonetheless, there are still some beautiful photographs that have written messages and are very well done. You can see a clear connection between the message and the photographer. They aren’t empty words. I decided to do ‘message photography’ as well, not because I was joining the bandwagon, but because I wanted to express a connection between these words and myself.

So I hope you enjoy today’s photo and complementary words of wisdom, and that the image and message makes a connection with you as well.

My teabags come with complementary words of wisdom