Face to Ground

Yesterday I finally found myself with a camera. I also found myself with face flat on the cold grass. The sun was starting to set, and it felt a little appropriate to just lay on the level of the grass. The days, weeks, and months have been rollings by. Exciting opportunities, challenges, and everything else in between has been coming so fast since August. That small moment to humble myself with the grass showed me that it at least makes a much better view when looking up to the sun.


Day 134: Light it Up

Making magic without a wand. Or in this case the wand is my incense stick, and the magic is creating this beautiful image with absolutely $0 budget. See? The magic that lets me make art without emptying my wallets. I like it.


Day 127: Snappity Snap

I’m starting to wonder how much effort I should be putting into these photos. I need to find a balance of not too much stress, but also a healthy does of ambition. Meaning that I have to move away from the flower pots in my front porch and try something else after a while…haha. One of these days I’ll do a portrait of an actual human being, I swear. For now though, I give you portraits of passionate love flowers (not really), like the Snapdragon.


Snapdragons can easily be the new Flower of Le Passion.


Wooden Light: Cube 1 of 10

Dear visitors, I finally bring you something new: cubes. Betcha’ never saw that one coming, eh? And DAILY cubes. Now that’s just crazy! Fear not, it is the truth, and understand you will be receiving daily updates from my blog every day for 10 days!

I’m currently taking a sculpture class and it’s the first time I’ve worked with wood. But of course, I’m going to be more interested in using my wooden sculptures for photography. So yes…making a boring geometric shape into something spilling over with sappy artistry will be my new focus.

Enjoy! And I do hope I am able to change the way you perceive wooden cubes. And geometry. And math. And the world in general. That’s my life mission goal. (:

When nature conquers geometry.

The only time geometry can triumph nature is in art. Math loses, sorry. ;)


In honor of the first day of Spring Break and also in hopes of having an efficient and rejuvenating week ahead, I have a new mini series. I want to start the week off well and I really want to have a successful photoshoot this week. So the photos I’ll be sharing with you today are just a little experiment and play with my ongoing interest of creating forms with lights and shadows.

Now, I wasn’t trying to go for the zebra look, but I can see how it went that direction a little bit. Anyhoo, Happy March, Happy Spring Break, Happy Friday, and I hope to have much more photographic week coming up! So keep your eyes peeled for some more, andbetter, photos this coming break.

ps: 365GB has 99 wordpress subscribers! 1 more till I hit 100! C’mon guys, lets see how many we can get, i’ll throw a great celebration-photographic-post in return!

Love Story

Between me and my camera, that is.

Haha, did I get your hopes up for something more interesting? But i’ll spare you the emotional gaga. Basically I’ve rekindled my love of photography. And realized whether I get a good photo or a bad photo, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the process of discovery. Just feeling the light and allowing it to wash over you. Allowing yourself to see things you never would have without the lens.

Just about the creativity. Let it flow. Don’t keep a plan. And don’t keep expectations. So there you go. I’m in a happy relationship with my camera. Just don’t go showing me any new fancy lenses or newer models to change my mind just yet…


To be a Flaneur

I haven’t taken any photos for the fun of it in months. That also goes for the photo-a-day project which has also been paused for so since the year begun. At this rate it seems like 365 gb might as well close its self down because I can’t seem to even hold up a camera while i’m riddled with self doubt. “Why try when you know it’s not good enough” seems to have been my nagging mantra.

It made me wonder why on earth would I start this crazy ambitious project and why did I have such a connection to photography in the first place, especially since all I feel is frustrated now.

So I decided to be a Flaneur. An observer. To just wander aimlessly with nothing but a camera in one hand.

And that’s when the magic happens. I wasn’t the creator of anything at all. Just an observer getting a fresh change of perspective, almost like a new pair of eyes. The love of photography doesn’t come from recreating something but from learning to see differently. At that point even a weed growing from the ground looks like the most beautiful masterpiece.

When there is no expectation to be great, true beauty is found