Palace (of Gold)

Again I was at West Virginia’s New Vrindavan last weekend. It was beautiful and the weekend was refreshing. I wish I had more photos to show for it but lately I haven’t had much of a drive to capture photos and publish them.

Next week, however, I’ll be off to Europe and I can’t even imagine the sights and wonders there. Denmark, Sweden, France, England, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Austria. The list goes on. I’m hoping for some kind of spark. Something that will keep me going for a long long  while :)

And it continues to be my reoccuring theme of inspiration..

The Palace stands tall and majestic…and continues to be my reoccurring theme of inspiration.


Inspiration Postponed

The freedom and beauty of a finishing semester usually follows with an eventual emptyness of inspiration. Its funny how when I have the most time on my hands I become the least productive. This might be only for a few more days since I’ll get into a better scheduled routine when I start to work next week. But the last week I spent in West Virginia surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachians at every step. I soaked it in, but still I couldn’t find a way to express myself through photography. I must have taken a dozen half-hearted photos (2 of which I will post here).

I’m working on trying to make a little online portfolio/website for my graphic design work. Hopefully the busier I become the more willing I will be to stay proactive and creative. I’m also really realllly looking forward to Brooke Shaden’s Live photography workshop tomorrow! If there is a one step approach to finding success, then it’s definitely following those that inspire you; and Brooke Shaden has to be not only my photographic inspiration but a role model in how to constantly push and discover myself creatively.

Hm, I didn’t think of this being a dedication post, but I would to one day dedicate some of my work to Brooke. I can probably go on and on for a while, but for your sake I’ll just give you a link to her impressive blog here ;)

And now, so I dont leave you with the most boring post ever, I will leave a few obligatory photos with you:

Prabhupada's Pallace of Gold, West Virginia. Here is just a small slice of all its majesty.

Prabhupada’s Pallace of Gold, West Virginia. Here is just a small slice of all its majesty.

Peacock feather stained glass. Detail

Peacock feather stained glass. Detail

Day 25: Palace of Gold

I’ve still got more photos from New Vrindavan, but here’s my favorite. Taken at Prabhupad’s Palace of Gold, West Virginia.

The inside of this palace is so beautiful, that I would normally keep it in color, but this time I just had to go with the dark sepia tones. The windows are all stained glass, the floor and walls are marble. Like the little symmetry I have going on here?

day 25

The marble wall on the right side made the perfect reflection