Stop Motion Film

Cinema-inspired-photography project. 600+ photos condensed into a small 1 minute film. For some reason after I uploaded it it’s much more choppy….ah well, this is the best and only way I can present it to you.

I hope this can be one of many more videos to come!


The Difference of Cinema

I have something special for you today; finally a quality post. Some real photography, and not just close ups of berries or anything like that..! The 12 images below are just 12 of 600+ other “film stills” of a one-minute stop motion animation I made. Until I find a way to convert my swf flash file into something the internet accepts, i’ll just share these photos with you.

The video, although meant to be more of an animation project was, not surprisingly, turned into a photography project. These images are inspired by a previous series of photos I did over a year ago (see here and here). As you can see, i’ve been thoroughly exploring the element of glass and reflection in my photos for some time now.

The concept behind the video is very broad but deals with the idea of a person’s perception of reality and how it’s completely warped and distorted by our own perceptions. We all see our world through our own lens, and sometimes it might be clean and clear, and sometimes it completely covered over.

I hope you can experience a similar meaning when looking through these few photos. Keep on the watch out for more posts; I hope to start updating this blog regularly soon! :)

It’s all about what you’re willing to see. Our perception is our reality.

Day 10: Short Sighted

When you only see a fraction of something, just the smallest detail, then your imagination can run wild. When you only see a little bit, a sample, your perception is short sighted. You see what you want to see, make up stories, create what you want.

This photo was an edge of a wooden stair case. But it could be anything. I can make it anything: from a railway line to a tunnel to a road to a man’s extremely long and badly-need-of-lotion-ed arm. And that’s the magic of photography. Changing perceptions.

So don’t keep yourself short sighted. See everything in as many different perspectives as you can. We only see what we want. Isn’t that amazing? We can see the whole world as we want, and that’s what it’ll be. It’s not delusional, it’s just a shift in perception. Keeping your options and your vision broad, always.


Day 30: Dinner Table With Roses

I’m still trying to catch up on my posting from my hiatus last week. So here is another photo I took a few days back.

This is a perfect example of a photograph I would never have taken if I wasn’t doing this project. I had went nearly the whole day without finding one good thing to take a photo of, and right when I was about to give up, I saw this interesting reflection in my kitchen window…

It’s funny how much I see things differently now.

Day 30 of this project! My perception has really changed in just 30 photographs.