Day 19: Henna-Hands

So so close. After this, just one more photo left. Also, this is mehndi, henna. It’s like tatoo-ing, except its temporary, natural, and full of paisleys . My roommate did this amazing masterpiece on my hand last night as my birthday gift. It only took about 2 hours and some insane talent, nbd. Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked about it. And wished it was a real tattoo.

Also, this is my 200th post and i now have a total of 90 subscribers. now that’s incredible.



Day 18: Electricity II

The strangest coincidence just happened. I took this photo just a few minutes ago because truthfully I just needed a photo for today, so I took a low shutter speed photo of a window outside my room and created this ‘light painting’.

It reminded me of an older photo I first published on this blog over a year ago called Electricity and when I looked it up, I realized it was also day 18 of my first project! Ok, granted it’s not the greatest coincidence of the year, but it seemed strangely symbolic to me.

Electrical explosion.

Day 16: Ink Blobs

The worst thing for a routine project like this is to do something fun over the weekend. Which ended up having my camera temporarily unavailable as well as my weekend photos (though there weren’t much to begin with).

Now the great thing about doing a self-imposed routine project like this is that I can break my own rules. So I’m skipping straight to day 16, which is a photo I took with my cell phone. Of an inked-drawing project I was working on. Which I know is kinda cheap but some days even I don’t feel like taking proper photos. Maybe i’ll upload the previous photos later…otherwise i’m glad you guys are feeling good about the little break your inboxes were having. Expect get ready for full on spam this week, because i’m finally wrapping up this 20-20-20  project.

Enjoy, and hopefully today i’ll take a proper photo (or not. The great thing about personal projects is that you’re doing it for yourself, so good or bad doesn’t even matter).

When in doubt of what would make an interesting photo; just photograph my sketchbook.

Day 11: Light and Shadow

I try to stay away from the over-done window light photos, but I can’t help it. Window light is too perfect to ignore. I could talk more about this photo, but I think the image says more than I ever could. Definitely my favorite photo-of-the-day so far!

Double-sighted. Some people see the light of the window. Some only see the shadow. Both are beautiful.

Day 56: Cheers!

Cheers! As cliche as a title it may be it’s the most fitting for many obvious reasons: Cheers, I posted a new photo! Cheers, it’s not a half bad one either! And Cheers, I’ve finally re-started my 365 day photo project!

And even more cheerful (yes, there is something more celebratory than me restarting my project)...Cheers for my ONE HUNDREDTH POST!

And you know what’s even fits even best with this title? My photograph of FLOATING wine glasses. Because normal wineglasses just aren’t special enough.

How about cheers for capturing Harry Potter magical wineglasses in my photo? Now that's worth cheering for.

Consistency Over Quality

A few people have already asked me why I’ve been so inactive lately and that’s actually quite a reasonable question. I’ve gone from posting more than once everyday and spamming your inboxes to perhaps writing a blog post after more than two weeks and leaving your email inboxes bare and lonely without it’s daily does of GingerBerries.

I guess my excuse would be school. Or life. But really, what kind of excuse is that?

This blog was supposed to highlight what an (overly) ambitious and consistent artist and photographer I am. Going on a 2+ month hiatus without updating a single photo-of-the-day is leaving my gingerberry tree wilting and nearly dead…

Which is why I finally have some good news for you: I’ve started up my 365 photo project again! Huzzah! My long hiatus is finally over! And to tell you the truth, I’ve been taking photographs consistently for nearly TWENTY days now. I haven’t posted any yet because I wanted to make sure I can still keep up taking a photo every day even while i’m in the grind of school and other events. After all, consistency is more important than quality.

Although…I’m still afraid of lowering my standards and quality of my photos. I noticed that my photos, if anything, look a lot worse than the ones I’ve taken over the summer. I don’t have so much free time in the day to look for interesting things. Over the last couple weeks of photos, I only have a few that are of “good quality”. And I have a feeling i’m going to be disappointed when I compare them to my earlier shots. I spend like 10 minutes max on my daily photos and it makes me wonder if daily photographing is even necessary.

Ah well, either way, I guess I’ll just have to keep taking photos and see what happens. And besides, it’s high time I make a comeback now.

Some Gallery Publicity of my photographs in my 365 day project was accepted in my first UF (University of Florida) art exhibit!

I’m still amazed, this is one of the first art exhibitions of student works at my college and I was able to get one of my photographs in :D. Not to mention that I still feel entirely dwarfed by my new school, so being a part of an art exhibit and gallery is making me feel less like a newb artist.

Of course, what’s even better is that the photograph chosen was a part of this gingerberries project. Awh, I suddenly feel so proud of this whole project (even though I had to stop it for 2 months), and very encouraged.

And a little surprised too. I submitted 5 photos total, some of my very best more “studio” shots, and fancy portraiture (like my GLAMOR INDIA series as well as other series). But I guess for some reason my GREEN MYSTERY (Day 31) seemed to be the photo to stand out.

Well, to tell you the truth, even though it’s just a photograph of a simple perrier bottle, I seem to like it too.

Green Mystery, Day 31

 Now the challenge is finding a way to print it out nicely, matting it, and framing it too. By next week.

I’m on a LONG HIATUS Guys

Like the title says, I’m going on a long hiatus. I’m going to be travelling for the next 3+ weeks, all around the west coast (California, Utah, New Mexico, etc.) So yea, it’s super exciting and it’ll be an amazing place to take photos! I’ve never even been to the west side of the USA so it’s a double bonus.

Of course i’ll still be keeping up with my 365 project, the only thing I won’t be doing is posting new photos. At all. So it’ll be kind of tricky to upload them when I get back, but I’ll figure something out. The funny thing is that for the last couple months of my summer vacation I haven’t really done anything at all (actually, my bordom is what created this blog).

But this last month was and will be extremely jam-packed full. Not to mention that the day I get back I start my first day as freshman of the University of Florida….So my plan is to not think about it for the next month and then kind of freak out when I get back home. (But it’s all worth it because I’ll come back with so many great photos).

And my last (well 1 of 1,000) concern is that while this blog has been growing so well the last couple of months, I have a feeling its going to die quickly if I don’t update in the next month. I’m pretty sure i’ll lose subscribers and be forgotten forever.

So…(here’s the solution). I’ll try to schedule some posts/ polls/ my older photographs while i’m gone. I’ll have maybe 1 or 2 every week. I think that’s a good amount (though that’s a lot less than the average 9 a week). And you won’t be terribly bored and people won’t think I’m dead.

How about an old photo to sharpen our memory?

I have to stick some kind of photo in every post otherwise something seems very wrong.

But if you have any other comments or input, leave a message, i’d love to talk to you before I go! (Which is saturday, by the way….it’s nearing quite closely.) I’ll try to post up a few more ‘photo-of-the-days’ before I go too, because I’m still behind. And I don’t want to have 40 photo-of-the-days to post when I get back. Maybe I’ll post 3 days at a time or something…