Spring Wild Flowers

The wildflowers around this time of year are my favorite. I see them all across the high way and i’ve always thought about stopping my car on the side of the road to get a good close look at them. A few weeks after graduation I received a gift of a new camera (Sony A 5100) and I decided to take some photos of the wild flowers i’ve been seeing. It turned out to be a great excuse to prance around in the sunshine and Florida flowers.

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Comfort & Discomfort

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with my long time buddy and photographer, Janavi Santana. I also experienced what it was like to work with professional lighting equipment for the first time. The results were exciting. Different. Dark. Slightly discomforting. Which is what I would consider a successful collaboration and a perfect blend of our two different styles. Not to mention that having a model that agrees to have her face painted blue only leads to limitless potential.

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Day 132: Seeing Through Filters

A camera only helps me become aware of the lenses that I use to filter the world. But really, I know i’m wearing different filters constantly. Anything I see, perceive or experience is just going to be filtered through my own personal lens. And just imagine that every person in the world has their own unique filter.

How the heck are you supposed to live in a world that’s so subjective?

Dance & Dance

After months of not touching my camera, I finally found reason to last weekend. I’m integrating photography and videography into a branding project I’m doing for a class project.

I wanted to capture the mood of this dance style, Bharatanatyam, through the grace and beauty pictured by the environment that frames the dancer. It’s a bit of a different approach to photographing dancers “outside of their stage”. Stay tuned, there will me more videos and photos uploaded soon!

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Europe: A photo essay pt. 3

And welcome to the Swiss Alps. This album will be my last update for photos from this summer in Europe. After seeing these photos though, I don’t think anything I ever post again will compare to it in the slightest. Hehe, but we’ll see what happens. Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy these photographs!

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Europe: A photo essay pt. 2

Part 2. Berlin, Woodstock festival in Poland, Budapest, Krishna Valley Farm in Hungary. More to come!

Europe: A Photo Essay pt. 1

I’ve come back from a whirlwind of a tour in these last two months. Now as i’m still trying to piece together the adventure I had in Europe I’m also diving headfirst back in school, work and other responsibilities. But I still am so excited to share these photos with you; here is my European adventure told through my lens. There’s going to be many more follow up posts about Europe so I hope you look forward to it!

Day 130: A Good Look at Yourself

Finally, some real portraiture. And by real portraiture I mean my usual unusual photos. Today I bring you reflections of mirrors and waters. But really, this is actually part of a more serious project….movie making!

These are a few stills from a little footage I took. Keep on the lookout, i’m about to launch the beginning of a very interesting filming career that will hopefully last longer than my summer vacation ;).

Day 128: Differences of Seeing

Truth: I’m not putting as much effort into the 365 as when I started. There’s a lot more potential in me that I’m just not using. Well that’s ok for now, but hopefully my ambition will grow again. Lets not make the possibility of failure and excuse for not trying.

I see myself watching you watch me.

I see myself watching you watch me…


In honor of the first day of Spring Break and also in hopes of having an efficient and rejuvenating week ahead, I have a new mini series. I want to start the week off well and I really want to have a successful photoshoot this week. So the photos I’ll be sharing with you today are just a little experiment and play with my ongoing interest of creating forms with lights and shadows.

Now, I wasn’t trying to go for the zebra look, but I can see how it went that direction a little bit. Anyhoo, Happy March, Happy Spring Break, Happy Friday, and I hope to have much more photographic week coming up! So keep your eyes peeled for some more, andbetter, photos this coming break.

ps: 365GB has 99 wordpress subscribers! 1 more till I hit 100! C’mon guys, lets see how many we can get, i’ll throw a great celebration-photographic-post in return!