Day 128: Differences of Seeing

Truth: I’m not putting as much effort into the 365 as when I started. There’s a lot more potential in me that I’m just not using. Well that’s ok for now, but hopefully my ambition will grow again. Lets not make the possibility of failure and excuse for not trying.

I see myself watching you watch me.

I see myself watching you watch me…

Day 03: Connection

The thing about this project is that nothing is ever planned. My hands were already dirty from working on charcoal drawings this morning and I just ran outside while the morning sunshine was still out to get some shots for today. And of course, some wonderful surprises came :) Played around with water and reflections on the car. Also hands can be the most expressive model anyone could possibly ask for.

Hands symbolically holding out for another; waiting to be full or looking to be empty.

Day 114: Shooting Through a Dream

Haven’t you ever wanted to capture your dream? A dream stands between reality and fiction, imagination and memory -it’s pure magic. Capturing that element of the dream is a promise that always gets me excited. And I love doing that through reflections.

Are you still part of the dream when you capture it?

Day 111: Ethereal

There’s actually nothing ethereal about this photo. I don’t even know how to describe this object to you except that it’s partly aluminum, partly plastic and houses little herbal pills. It’s actually so non ethereal in reality that  it’s funny.

Ah, but that’s what I love doing. Turning the mundane of everyday medication life into something…ethereal?

You may remember my previous photo of UFO/space-inspired kitchen utensils. I think I may just make a series out of them.