Day 135: Cyclops

Sometimes when I don’t know how to pose a self portrait, I just go with the one-eyed look. Works every time.



Almost Neglected

Almost is actually an understatement. I barely consider myself a photographer, and I’ve practically resigned myself to leaving my original 365 project half done. And then I remember: It wasn’t ever about being a good photographer. Or a photographer at all. Or having a good camera. Or any camera at all.

It’s about practicing creativity. Consistently, everyday. And publishing it for nobody (or somebody) to read. That’s what is so amazing yet difficult about the creative process. It’s not about the end result. It’s not about what “art” I end up with. It’s about courageously failing.

I got the inspiration to finally post on here after I went on a Photobooth photo shoot with myself. The difference with posting here and say, posting it on my instagram? I have to say that when I post any photo on this blog, i’m making a little statement to myself. Take photos with a little bit of thought behind it. Or none at all. But do something. Then keep doing it. (without hashtags)


Mind’s Eye… plus 100 Subscribers Bonanza!

I haven’t done any fancy shoots as of yet, but here are a collection of more experimental photos I took yesterday evening. And I suppose that’s the beauty of the experiment: it’s all trial and error and there’s never any pressure.

Here are even more of my “glass” shots; this I used myself to play with portraiture. I know these photos have a double-exposure look, but that’s the magic of the glass that I love so much. The only photoshop work here is color editing, the rest is all camera work.

Again, these are trials for a one-day-future series I want to do on the mind featuring portraits of many people. When that’ll be, I have no clue. But until then I’m going to keep playing with what I have on hand, which is my camera, my piece of glass…and I get myself as the model.

And! Before I forget, I want to announce that 365 Gingerberries has reached over 100 subscribers!! This is major milestone. I know it’s been a couple years and it may not be much compared to other blogs, but I never thought this Gingerberry project would last this long. Here is to many more happy blogging days to come. Thank you everyone for your support! I really would not have continued this website without any of you.

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Day 06: Make a Mirror out of Anything

Posted twice today (since I missed yesterday). After fumbling around for a while trying to take a boring ol’ self portrait I discovered something magical in reflections! I’ve used this technique a couple times before, but this is the first time I’ve actually been able to (partly) capture my own face in it. The magic ingredients is a piece of glass (used my lens filter), the right lighting (sunlight from my window) and the right angle (pointed towards me and angled towards the light).

It’s definitely a really interesting technique, that if I either I had another person help me hold the lens or if I had 10 feet long arms I could have more flexibility with, but for now I’m happy with how it turned out. I used NO photo manipulation or double exposure for this. This is pretty much how I took it; straight from the camera (with minimal color changes done to it).

So. Phew. day 6 done. This has got to be some kind of record. (except forget that I’ve gotten to past day 120 with my other project…)

Whatever you look at will always be looking back at you

Day 79: Look Don’t Speak

What I’ve learnt is that when in need of a super fast but super cool self portrait, use the cyborg technique.

What’s the cyborg technique you ask? Pull out your own camera flash, cover it partly with your fingers, and look into your mirror. And yes, on rare occasions like these it is possible to make a bathroom mirror look cool.

When your eyes are more expressive than your words

A Focus on Eyes

This is actually new work (it’s true, i’m actually shooting again!), and recently I was just exploring self portraits a bit more. Like my last post, “a means of connection”, this self portrait is pretty similar. Not much special technique, it’s simple and hopefully powerful. But this time I decided to block out most of the face and just leave the eyes.

And interpretation, I leave all up to my viewers. Lemme know what you think.

Self capture: eyes

How much of a person can you see when you look into their eyes?

A Means of Connection

I’ve tried to keep away from my blog (and my camera) so I can have space to acclimate myself back into school, studying, and life again. Funny thing is, the more I try to keep away from taking photos the more I realize that it’s a necessity, not just an escapist hobby, or ‘something to do over summer vacation’.

I think I just started to open up a true passion these last few months, and trying to temporarily pause it isn’t helping me. If anything, stopping my  is probably doing myself from photographic expression is doing less good.

It’s a funny thing, really. I guess my two months of daily photography left a larger impact than I thought. Well, nice to know that photography hasn’t forgotten me when I thought I forgot about it.

But any way, if you find the above to be entirely gag-inducing rubbish about my “love” of photography, I don’t blame you. It’s a bit sappy, but it’s important that I write about this connection about myself and photography. It’s a truth that I haven’t realized until now.

self portrait: 3 stills

look down. Then to the left. Now up.

Photography is not just a way to connect with others, and share my expression and perspective with others.

I’ve realized it’s an important tool of connection with my own self. It’s become incredibly important way for me to learn more about myself, connect meaningfully, and express my vulnerability to my own self. I’ve reached a depth with it deeper than I have with any other artistic means. And the more I try to avoid it because of ‘other commitments’ the more I realize that it is actually my priority. My unfinished projects are always impatiently waiting in the back of my mind, for me to complete them.

So in concluding my long, semi-philosophical speel about self connection and photography, I will say that my point is I need to take photos. To continue my 365 project.

And all of your encouragements and comments always help and motivate me so much. Ok. Sob story complete.Thank you.