Star Charts & Spider Webs

I don’t usually post any of my digital work, but since I made this project from the photos I took in my 20-20-20 project (Day 09: Dreamer), I thought I should post on here. I’m really proud with how it turned out, but even more so with how I am able to use the photos taken in my own personal projects.

I won’t go into all the details, but I created this digital project because I wanted to compare star charts to a spiders web. Even though the universe and celestial sky is incomprehensibly vast, as human beings we use our natural curiosity to understand it to the best we can. Similarly I found a similar phenomena in the spider’s web; the spider also creates and maps out its own ‘universe’.

Ok, my little artist statement thus summarized, here are the two works:



Day 09: Dreamer

My thoughts are an unspun spider’s web; my dreams are a tangled web constantly being spun anew.

Today’s photos were a surprise: I’ve taken photos of spider webs before, but this one was being spun right before my eyes. The spider itself didn’t notice it was having a photo shoot because it was at work making its web all morning. I used a really shallow focus (about f2 stop) and was able to capture the amazing bokeh happening in the background. These photos became less about the spider web and more about the dreamy atmosphere being created…being spun.

Day 120: Web Bubble

I’m assuming I just made up the world web bubble because i’ve never heard it before. And if it does exist i’m guessing it looks like what is below. Really, its a photo of…nothing ¬†important. Utterly insignificant. Except the funny thing about taking a photo of something is that it suddenly gains incredible significance.

We see countless things everyday. But what things do we want to share with others?