Spring Wild Flowers

The wildflowers around this time of year are my favorite. I see them all across the high way and i’ve always thought about stopping my car on the side of the road to get a good close look at them. A few weeks after graduation I received a gift of a new camera (Sony A 5100) and I decided to take some photos of the wild flowers i’ve been seeing. It turned out to be a great excuse to prance around in the sunshine and Florida flowers.

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Seasonal Changes

The great thing about posting an anti-inspired post is that the next day I come back kickin’ with brand spankin new photos. Or at least this is what I tell myself. Credit to Brooke Shaden’s motivational words on turning any ordinary thing extraordinary. With that in mind I created this little series spontaneously and right ‘in the moment’.

I’m starting to feel the fire again of spontaneous and ritualistic routined, everyday shooting. I’m already thinking of restarting my 365 day project –that would be a huge milestone! It’s been almost a year since I put it on “indefinite hiatus”. I have about 235 more days to go. If I start tomorrow….(I can’t do this math) I have 7 and a half months…and its May now..sooo…Maybe I’ll be done in January 2014? Well. I could live with that.


Sweet Spring

I want to keep in the habit of taking photos, and also keeping this blog alive even in the midst of all other responsibilities. But really, i’m thankful for what an amazing foundation that this blog has created over the years and the wonderful support from so many followers and subscribers! I’ve gone past 93 now…I’m just holding off till I get 100 so I can celebrate big time ;). Thank you everyone!

So here is something not too conceptually confusing and artsy. Just sweet sweet spring blossoms. Sweetness is in the air.