Day 140: Half-Hearted

Art is when an ugly, deflated balloon can express more than I ever could in words.



Day 126: Time and Again

Here’s something pretty for a change..and a much more formal composition than I am used to. Mostly due to my fancy props: an antique pocket watch. Something I have now learnt to be a gem in photography. Can never go wrong with antique props. Even if the watch actually doesn’t work.

pocket watch

When time stares itself in the face…

Day 54: Emptiness

We all have that empty feeling somewhere. It can feel like something is missing, something that needs to be filled, or it can just feel like heartburn.

Whatever the case, it’s incredibly hard to describe and even harder to portray. But I think I’ve come a bit close in today’s photo.

What can be more empty than a chair? It's just waiting for someone to come and fill up the rest of its space.

Day 36: Broken Bits of Beauty

Remember my previous post about making beauty? Well I just decided to make this the next lesson.

Lesson 2 in making beauty: breaking it.

 I’m kidding. (Ok, half kidding.) Just don’t break anything.

Instead, look for what’s already tainted or broken. Something other people would immediately look away from, and look very close to it. Find what is imperfect and vulnerable. Make it shine.

So here's your photography wisdom 101. Can be applied to more than just photography.

Day 31: Green Mystery

I was going for something minimalistic and abstract…so i’ll let you guess on this one. What is it? Is it actually in motion? Why is it so green? And so on.

It’s also barely been edited in Photoshop, all I added with some extra contrasts. The focus, blur, and colors are all original.

I dedicate this green mystery of a photograph to completing my first month of this 365 day project!

Unexpected: Day 01

Here’s to the official start of the 365 day project! Lets see where i’ll get to on May 28th 2012, hm? :)

And for a first photo, its pretty different and its not even that great. But its the start of something different and something you’ll probably be seeing a lot more (i’m thinking a whole series..or maybe even a stop motion movie). I used my brother’s Chinese chess set and created a whole scene for them. I even fo

und the perfect background and lighting. So yes, expect many more chinese chess set themed photographs.

the set up stage


unexpected turn of events: the pawn takes down the emperor.