A Summer of Sights, Scenes and Selfies


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A glimpse of one of my most memorable summers ever. Beauty, love and art. Top that off with experiencing some of the most beautiful places i’ve ever come across and you have a completely epic summer vacation.

Europe: A photo essay pt. 3

And welcome to the Swiss Alps. This album will be my last update for photos from this summer in Europe. After seeing these photos though, I don’t think anything I ever post again will compare to it in the slightest. Hehe, but we’ll see what happens. Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy these photographs!

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Europe: A photo essay pt. 2

Part 2. Berlin, Woodstock festival in Poland, Budapest, Krishna Valley Farm in Hungary. More to come!

Europe: A Photo Essay pt. 1

I’ve come back from a whirlwind of a tour in these last two months. Now as i’m still trying to piece together the adventure I had in Europe I’m also diving headfirst back in school, work and other responsibilities. But I still am so excited to share these photos with you; here is my European adventure told through my lens. There’s going to be many more follow up posts about Europe so I hope you look forward to it!

A New Sunset

So here is a small teaser of so many more amazing moments and captures. I’m currently touring around europe, going to see over 10 countries in total! Truthfully I thought about taking a minimal amount of photos and rather just focus on living in this experience and not worry about taking snapshots of every foreign or pretty thing. Of course that’s what frustrates so many people, I make a pretty bad personal photographer. But now I’ve taken it up to be the tour photographer and filmaker, so its no longer about what I want to photo and when I feel like photographing. Its a bit of a challenge but its a taste of what it means to use my talents in service. Here’s to many more photos that I hope will inspire and enliven other who see it.

For more info on this Europe bustour I would really encourage you to check out and like it on facebook Here

Taken as we were camping on the english coastside. One of tour participants, Mohini was dancing as the sun was setting.

Taken as we were camping on the English coast side. One of tour participants, Mohini was dancing as the sun was setting.

Palace (of Gold)

Again I was at West Virginia’s New Vrindavan last weekend. It was beautiful and the weekend was refreshing. I wish I had more photos to show for it but lately I haven’t had much of a drive to capture photos and publish them.

Next week, however, I’ll be off to Europe and I can’t even imagine the sights and wonders there. Denmark, Sweden, France, England, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Austria. The list goes on. I’m hoping for some kind of spark. Something that will keep me going for a long long  while :)

And it continues to be my reoccuring theme of inspiration..

The Palace stands tall and majestic…and continues to be my reoccurring theme of inspiration.

Day 104: Say Hello to my New Baby

I got the Nikon 35 mm lens for my birthday -and since then all of my photos have been used with it! I really love it, and although it was hard to tell the difference between this and my standard 18-55 lens, it really does pay off in the end. Not only is it economical ($200 is very economical compared to most lenses) but its so much lighter and easier for travel (really helped in mexico).

The fact that it was fixed focal and not a zoom was a bummer at first, but it’s definitely helped me to learn to maneuver my body more than relying on zoom. I would still love to have a zoom one day, but i’m hanging on to this one for a while.

lens as mouth

I’m on a LONG HIATUS Guys

Like the title says, I’m going on a long hiatus. I’m going to be travelling for the next 3+ weeks, all around the west coast (California, Utah, New Mexico, etc.) So yea, it’s super exciting and it’ll be an amazing place to take photos! I’ve never even been to the west side of the USA so it’s a double bonus.

Of course i’ll still be keeping up with my 365 project, the only thing I won’t be doing is posting new photos. At all. So it’ll be kind of tricky to upload them when I get back, but I’ll figure something out. The funny thing is that for the last couple months of my summer vacation I haven’t really done anything at all (actually, my bordom is what created this blog).

But this last month was and will be extremely jam-packed full. Not to mention that the day I get back I start my first day as freshman of the University of Florida….So my plan is to not think about it for the next month and then kind of freak out when I get back home. (But it’s all worth it because I’ll come back with so many great photos).

And my last (well 1 of 1,000) concern is that while this blog has been growing so well the last couple of months, I have a feeling its going to die quickly if I don’t update in the next month. I’m pretty sure i’ll lose subscribers and be forgotten forever.

So…(here’s the solution). I’ll try to schedule some posts/ polls/ my older photographs while i’m gone. I’ll have maybe 1 or 2 every week. I think that’s a good amount (though that’s a lot less than the average 9 a week). And you won’t be terribly bored and people won’t think I’m dead.

How about an old photo to sharpen our memory?

I have to stick some kind of photo in every post otherwise something seems very wrong.

But if you have any other comments or input, leave a message, i’d love to talk to you before I go! (Which is saturday, by the way….it’s nearing quite closely.) I’ll try to post up a few more ‘photo-of-the-days’ before I go too, because I’m still behind. And I don’t want to have 40 photo-of-the-days to post when I get back. Maybe I’ll post 3 days at a time or something…

Day 29: Travelling between seasons

Here’s one of those lucky shots.

You know, when you’re so bored that all you can do is shoot the car window of your dad’s van. And you don’t even know you just photographed that special reflection in window till you see it in your LCD screen. Yea, I love those shots too.

I also love it when tinted windows make the perfect mirrors. ;)