Dance & Dance

After months of not touching my camera, I finally found reason to last weekend. I’m integrating photography and videography into a branding project I’m doing for a class project.

I wanted to capture the mood of this dance style, Bharatanatyam, through the grace and beauty pictured by the environment that frames the dancer. It’s a bit of a different approach to photographing dancers “outside of their stage”. Stay tuned, there will me more videos and photos uploaded soon!

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Day 74: WARP Book


[warp-book] noun.


1) A sketchbook/work book used during the WARP class by art students to plan proposals, write ideas, draft amazing works of art, or just draw pretty pictures.

2) A self made workbook by WARP sudents; students mistakenly believe that if they create a gorgeous cover design for their WARP book, the TA or professor will be so charmed by their pretty cover that they won’t even bother looking inside and conveniently give you an A+ for all your efforts.

3) A meticulously planned torture tool designed by art professors to make the already burdened student infinitely more stressed out. Also a tool to help students cope (create) more all-nighters working on their drawings the night before they’re due.

I personally thing that the third definition is the most accurate in general, though the second definition applies mostly to me.

Some Gallery Publicity of my photographs in my 365 day project was accepted in my first UF (University of Florida) art exhibit!

I’m still amazed, this is one of the first art exhibitions of student works at my college and I was able to get one of my photographs in :D. Not to mention that I still feel entirely dwarfed by my new school, so being a part of an art exhibit and gallery is making me feel less like a newb artist.

Of course, what’s even better is that the photograph chosen was a part of this gingerberries project. Awh, I suddenly feel so proud of this whole project (even though I had to stop it for 2 months), and very encouraged.

And a little surprised too. I submitted 5 photos total, some of my very best more “studio” shots, and fancy portraiture (like my GLAMOR INDIA series as well as other series). But I guess for some reason my GREEN MYSTERY (Day 31) seemed to be the photo to stand out.

Well, to tell you the truth, even though it’s just a photograph of a simple perrier bottle, I seem to like it too.

Green Mystery, Day 31

 Now the challenge is finding a way to print it out nicely, matting it, and framing it too. By next week.