Inspiration Postponed

The freedom and beauty of a finishing semester usually follows with an eventual emptyness of inspiration. Its funny how when I have the most time on my hands I become the least productive. This might be only for a few more days since I’ll get into a better scheduled routine when I start to work next week. But the last week I spent in West Virginia surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachians at every step. I soaked it in, but still I couldn’t find a way to express myself through photography. I must have taken a dozen half-hearted photos (2 of which I will post here).

I’m working on trying to make a little online portfolio/website for my graphic design work. Hopefully the busier I become the more willing I will be to stay proactive and creative. I’m also really realllly looking forward to Brooke Shaden’s Live photography workshop tomorrow! If there is a one step approach to finding success, then it’s definitely following those that inspire you; and Brooke Shaden has to be not only my photographic inspiration but a role model in how to constantly push and discover myself creatively.

Hm, I didn’t think of this being a dedication post, but I would to one day dedicate some of my work to Brooke. I can probably go on and on for a while, but for your sake I’ll just give you a link to her impressive blog here ;)

And now, so I dont leave you with the most boring post ever, I will leave a few obligatory photos with you:

Prabhupada's Pallace of Gold, West Virginia. Here is just a small slice of all its majesty.

Prabhupada’s Pallace of Gold, West Virginia. Here is just a small slice of all its majesty.

Peacock feather stained glass. Detail

Peacock feather stained glass. Detail