365GB, also known as 365 ginger berries, also known as ginger berries.

I know this blog may be confusing to you. It supposedly looks like a photography blog, yet it has a deliciously misleading name like “ginger berries”. Which doesn’t even make any sense at all because ginger berries don’t exist, and if they did they would also be dangerously misleading because no one wants to eat a delicious berry only to find out it tastes painfully of ginger.

And just like ginger berries lacks logical sense, that first paragraph does also. So i’ll stop with the analogies that are trying too hard for itself. But this whole ginger berry “fruit” is some kind of analogy for my blog: disciplining myself to taking photos every day can be a pain in the neck, but all this hard work is bearing some sweet fruits. This is probably the fruitiest excuse for an analogy you’re ever heard, yes? Yes.

just berries

Those deceptively delicious berries…

I started this blog in May 2011 as a way to get myself determined and self disciplined with my photography. Doing something everyday for a year is hard enough as it is for me, but to take photos and publish it on my 365 GB blog is something I would think to be impossible. Commitment and consistency aren’t my strongest areas. Whatever the case, I decided to hop on the band wagon and create my own ambitious project: 365 ginger berries. A photo blog documenting my photo-a-day project for a year.

flower 2

Getting the chance to constantly improve my photos (daily) make it all worth it.

So to sum it up in few words  (if you’d just like to disregard the above 3 paragraphs of babble), my goal is to just keep taking photos. Sure, this project helps increase my photo quality and my own artistic versatility. Those are all great by-products, but my real goal is to just keep doing it. I have a bad habit of giving up something half way, so i’d like to make this an exception and show that hardwork always pulls through.

Rukmini:  Age: 20, Student: Sophmore at Univ. Florida, Camera: Nikon d3000, Intended Major: graphic design, Project goal: stay motivated everyday

Rukmini:  Age: 20, Student: Sophmore at Univ. Florida, Camera: Nikon d3000, Intended Major: graphic design, Project goal: stay motivated everyday



13 thoughts on “About

  1. I got your post to-night and had a look around, i see your working on it but people like to read an about page, also if you have subscriber’s other than myself you should subscribe to their site’s.

    There are a lot of photography blog’s in the forum showcaseand off topic and they are alway’s looking for other’s to link to in a blogroll.


    • Oh its true, i’ve just been lazy about the “about” me page because I usually put off anything that deals with writing. But its about time I get to it, and thank you for your advice!

  2. Hi, I agree with Harry – letting your readers (viewers?) know you a bit better would draw them to you more, I think. Your photography is captivating and the concept of 365 days is FUN! I’ll be back for more and hope you find the gingerberries . . . PS that is clever writing!!


    • True, I finished writing my about page quickly so my visitors could see it, but i’ll probably be adding bits and pieces of info progressively, too. Thank you and i’m glad you like the blog! (and the about page -even though its written kind of sloppy right now)

    • Oh, thank you so much Sayali!

      I know…really low activity these days. My reason is school, life…etc. But really that’s not a good enough reason. Though on the bright side I have actually started up my 365 project again! I just haven’t posted anything up. But anyway, I think i’ll write up a blog post updating all of this. Thank you for your concern though :) Once people start noticing my lack of activity, i know it’s time to buckle down and get back into the action again.

  3. Hi, thanks for following my blog. You have some great pics on your site. And I know that doing a Project 365, of any kind, can get daunting at times…

    • Thank you :) and it’s so true, it’s been nearly a year since i’ve started this project and i’m not even half way through. It’s been much harder than I thought but it’s always inspiring to see other photo blogs like yours. I hope I can just keep cranking out those photos till I reach my goal :)

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