Just a little Breather

I know…not another hiatus (!). But you probably noticed my sudden lack of activity (from posting nearly every day in December to about 3 times this month).

But I suppose I always have to take a little blogging hiatus whenever the new semester starts. I need some more weeks to try to balance everything that’s going on in my new classes and although I hate putting breaks into my 365 project, I still have to be realistic.

But of course, I can’t post after so long and not give you a photograph to go with it. So here are some of the warm beautiful people I met in one of the smaller cities of Mexico.

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Day 100: Day One Hundred

It’s finally here. My one-hundreth-photo-of-the-day.

I could say a lot here about this photo, myself, this project, my gratitude to everyone…but hey, a picture tells a story of a thousand words, right?

100 down. 265 more to go.

Day 98: Hard Work

It’s not talent; it’s hard work.

This is what’s been on my mind recently, now that i’m getting closer to 100 photos, i’m thinking that I only got this far because of work, talent doesn’t really apply too much in this project.

And as an art student, it’s so easy to discouraged by the competition, especially by other really talented artists. But hey, in the end it really boils down to hard work.

The "imperfections" left from hard work are more perfect than anything else

Day 96: Get the Lights Ready

So I’m back from my trip and have plenty to update you on, but first I think I should post up; its been a while and this post was supposed to go up on new years eve. Either way, I hope everyone had a fantastic new years eve and new year :)

Whether you're using lamps, candles or fireworks...it's all a celebration