Star Charts & Spider Webs

I don’t usually post any of my digital work, but since I made this project from the photos I took in my 20-20-20 project (Day 09: Dreamer), I thought I should post on here. I’m really proud with how it turned out, but even more so with how I am able to use the photos taken in my own personal projects.

I won’t go into all the details, but I created this digital project because I wanted to compare star charts to a spiders web. Even though the universe and celestial sky is incomprehensibly vast, as human beings we use our natural curiosity to understand it to the best we can. Similarly I found a similar phenomena in the spider’s web; the spider also creates and maps out its own ‘universe’.

Ok, my little artist statement thus summarized, here are the two works:



Day 20: TWENTY

Well, it’s about time to post my super anti-climatic finale to this project. I was having computer troubles all week, though the real truth is that once I got to the end of the 20-20-20 project I was ready to be done.

But to end on a good note, I did it! And even though at times it was a pain, this project was a lot more fulfilling and beneficial to me than I thought it would be. And because of the amazing amount of support I received every day I could see this project to the end. Thank you everyone, you are the motivation I need everyday :)

And so, for my final photo, I finally give you some self portraits. Celebrating twenty :)

Day 19: Henna-Hands

So so close. After this, just one more photo left. Also, this is mehndi, henna. It’s like tatoo-ing, except its temporary, natural, and full of paisleys . My roommate did this amazing masterpiece on my hand last night as my birthday gift. It only took about 2 hours and some insane talent, nbd. Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked about it. And wished it was a real tattoo.

Also, this is my 200th post and i now have a total of 90 subscribers. now that’s incredible.


Day 18: Electricity II

The strangest coincidence just happened. I took this photo just a few minutes ago because truthfully I just needed a photo for today, so I took a low shutter speed photo of a window outside my room and created this ‘light painting’.

It reminded me of an older photo I first published on this blog over a year ago called Electricity and when I looked it up, I realized it was also day 18 of my first project! Ok, granted it’s not the greatest coincidence of the year, but it seemed strangely symbolic to me.

Electrical explosion.

Day 17: Sky & Earth

Here are a few unexpected beauties I got from playing with my lens filter. Nothing here is photoshopped (except few color enhancements). All the exposure-effects you see here are straight from the camera, and the reflection of the glass filter that it captured.

These images are really like exercises, ideas to get my brain juices working. But I do think I’ll keep nurturing this idea and eventually I do want to do a proper series on reflections and multiple exposure (through the camera only).

Day 16: Ink Blobs

The worst thing for a routine project like this is to do something fun over the weekend. Which ended up having my camera temporarily unavailable as well as my weekend photos (though there weren’t much to begin with).

Now the great thing about doing a self-imposed routine project like this is that I can break my own rules. So I’m skipping straight to day 16, which is a photo I took with my cell phone. Of an inked-drawing project I was working on. Which I know is kinda cheap but some days even I don’t feel like taking proper photos. Maybe i’ll upload the previous photos later…otherwise i’m glad you guys are feeling good about the little break your inboxes were having. Expect get ready for full on spam this week, because i’m finally wrapping up this 20-20-20  project.

Enjoy, and hopefully today i’ll take a proper photo (or not. The great thing about personal projects is that you’re doing it for yourself, so good or bad doesn’t even matter).

When in doubt of what would make an interesting photo; just photograph my sketchbook.

Day 13: Dancing Lights

Taking ‘window light’ and putting it in a whole different context. I forgot how fun light painting is so i’m glad I got this little treasure last night.

On another note I will be gone all weekend with no that’ll give your inboxes a little break from my daily photo bombardment. However, keep your eyes ready for some amazing shots on Monday from the beautiful mountains and scenes of West Virginia :)

and on another-another note, how do you like the new gingerberries layout page? I was pretty attached to the old theme, but after a year and a half of it…well, a change just had to be made.

Day 12: Sunrise

I’ve been waking up before sunrise for a while now, and even though it’s hard to get up when the weather has gotten so cold, I don’t regret missing any sleep. Actually, I regret all those days that I’ve missed the sunrise. Even if it means sleeping ‘early’ and missing all the activity of the night, nothing really compares to fullness of taking in the morning sunshine.Every single morning I see the golden sunlight shining through the windows, through the gardens and tree; there’s a freshness, a ‘new-ness’ to each day.

I took this photo yesterday (still catching up on posting here since I missed one day). What’s amazing is that I get to experience this sky, this sunshine, every single morning. And it’s not just me -every single person, animal, living thing, can experience it. It’s there every single morning. But so many people choose to keep their eyes shut. If you’re content with keeping your eyes closed to something like the sunshine, how do you expect to keep them open any other time in your life?

This candy-colored photo may look Instagram, but I assure you, it’s not.