Month 1: a photo montage

I’ve officially completed my first month (and then some) of this project. This means celebration, big time. (And that’s why a photo montage with “Raise your Glass” is appropriate. And also because I need my Glee fix).

I’ve been watching this video over and over, and not because i’m vain, but because it brings a whole lot of memories rushing back in photo form. I love it. And I can’t wait till I see a montage of 365 of my photos!

So sit back and enjoy; it features a month worth of my photography in about 1 minute.


Day 31: Green Mystery

I was going for something minimalistic and abstract…so i’ll let you guess on this one. What is it? Is it actually in motion? Why is it so green? And so on.

It’s also barely been edited in Photoshop, all I added with some extra contrasts. The focus, blur, and colors are all original.

I dedicate this green mystery of a photograph to completing my first month of this 365 day project!

Day 30: Dinner Table With Roses

I’m still trying to catch up on my posting from my hiatus last week. So here is another photo I took a few days back.

This is a perfect example of a photograph I would never have taken if I wasn’t doing this project. I had went nearly the whole day without finding one good thing to take a photo of, and right when I was about to give up, I saw this interesting reflection in my kitchen window…

It’s funny how much I see things differently now.

Day 30 of this project! My perception has really changed in just 30 photographs.

Day 29: Travelling between seasons

Here’s one of those lucky shots.

You know, when you’re so bored that all you can do is shoot the car window of your dad’s van. And you don’t even know you just photographed that special reflection in window till you see it in your LCD screen. Yea, I love those shots too.

I also love it when tinted windows make the perfect mirrors. ;)

Day 28: Bokeh Street Lights

Too many of my photos involve highways, it’s like my project is themed after roads or something (but that is a nice idea…). Truth is, lately I’ve spent too much time on the road.

I need a bit more variety, otherwise this project won’t be as diverse as I wanted it to be…

Then again, variety is overrated. And so is focus.

Backstage Wedding

Here are the best of my amateur photos I took last month. I’ve never taken photos at a wedding before, and it was such a different experience. Most of my photos turned badly, but at least I got a handful of some nice shots.

Next time i’m invited to a wedding, i’ll aim for 2 good handfuls.

Read more about my wedding photography wisdom here:

powder time

working with the viel

monochrome time!



So classy.

Making Beauty

How to make beauty? If I wanted to sound poetic, I’d say that beauty is everywhere and in everything. Hey, it’s true. But not everyone can see it. Even harder is how to capture that fleeting beauty.

So here’s lesson #1 in ‘making’ beauty: hiding it.

It’s the truth …and it’s a paradox.

In this case, both the hidden and the hider are both beautiful. I guess it just makes the photo all the more aesthetically successful.

The Swan is an example of an already beautiful subject. But if you just partially hide its face, it immediately becomes more mysterious and attractive.

Day 25: Palace of Gold

I’ve still got more photos from New Vrindavan, but here’s my favorite. Taken at Prabhupad’s Palace of Gold, West Virginia.

The inside of this palace is so beautiful, that I would normally keep it in color, but this time I just had to go with the dark sepia tones. The windows are all stained glass, the floor and walls are marble. Like the little symmetry I have going on here?

day 25

The marble wall on the right side made the perfect reflection