Day 95: Waterfall Effect

The waterfall effect is the watery-free-fall-blue-liquidy-yet-stringy effect that something can have. Oh, like in this photo. Who would guess that they’re actually not a waterfall but my blue string curtains hanging in my bedroom?

To make a waterfall: use anything except a waterfall


Day 94: Portrait of my Hand

It’s just what the title says. And it’s about time I take some classy black&white shots. Maybe I’ll do some more classy anatomy shots sometime later too. Also the “tattoo” on my hand is henna.

Nothing like paisley tattoos on to make things classier than ever.

Day 93: Take a Look Through Someone else’s Lens

I have a simple but concise photo for today: my glasses. You can just see it as a pair of old and (i’ll admit) dusty pair of glasses that belong to a stranger. Or you can see it as a new and different type of lens, a different perspective, a different vision. Besides the apparent dust there’s some clear shine and sparkle too.

Thank you for sharing my lens and seeing through my eyes; whether it’s just for this one photo or if you’ve been following my journey for months now.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Take a look through my eyes; I hope you found something nice there

Day 92: A Different Kind of Scrabble

How many brands can you identify? How many are you already familiar with? Do you even see the letters, or do you just see the brand logo? Is a rounded baby blue “t” is always twitter and a lightning bolt “p” always Harry Potter? Are we more familiar with these symbols than actual letters? How difficult will it be to actually use these letters in a game of scrabble -will the brands have an affect on your choice of words?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, then my project is a success. The entertainment part of this game is second to the questions it brings up about branding and symbols.

Below is my midterm art project I did for my WARP class; a scrabble game I designed and created.

New Balance, Twitter, Coke, Harry Potter, Ebay, blank, H&M



other shots:

In progress work

full game on display during critique

Can you tell what logos these are? The "U" is a tricky one.

Gone to Mexico, Back in 3 weeks

The title says it all, i’m gone for the rest of my holiday break :) I’d love to go on more about my mexico bus trip, but the details will all be there in the photos I bring back.

And unlike my last summer trip, this blog will be very much alive. I have plenty of posts that I’ve scheduled to update while i’m gone; just keep in mind I won’t get much internet access while away either.

But until then (Jan 8th actually; and a day before class starts..) –hasta luego y feliz navidad!

This will be me soon enough...Viva la mexico!

 And for the first time this isn’t a photo taken by me. Sure wish it was though.

Month 3: Photo Montage

Third Month of photos, completed! Includes photos from day 55-85, taken during sept-oct 2011. (that’s right, i’m way behind on uploading them to this blog, but I have about 70 more taken and still coming).

My third and favorite video so far..the music actually matches to the photography for once. Thanks for watching; your comments and support is really appreciated :)

Music: GLEE, “We are young”



Day 88: From Bottle to Lake

You know what they left out of the water cycle? Packaging and selling water bottles. And let me tell you that’s a big part of water nowadays. From lakes and streams and glaciers all over the world into our small domestic water bottles.

Well hey, I think it’s about good time to give back our water to nature. And hey, so the water cycle continues onward.

from lakes to water bottles and vice versa; it's all part of the water cycle